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Gift cards are available in any amount above $100. Please text us at 757-437-0171 or email to provide us: 


1) The gift amount

2) Name of the recipient

3) Delivery address (unless you prefer to pickup at our Showroom).

4) Your contact information (phone number & email)


When Purchasing An Andre' Julius Gift Card You Have Four Delivery Options:

  • 1. EMAIL DIGITAL GIFT CARD DIRECTLY TO RECIPIENT: Email a digital gift card to the recipient if you wish to send the gift card immediately.
  • 2. EMAIL DIGITAL GIFT CARD TO PURCHASER: You will receive a confirmation email with a receipt. Andre' Julius will then email you a personalized digital gift card with the recipient’s name and purchase amount that you can forward/give to the recipient when you choose.
  • 3. MAIL PHYSICAL GIFT CARD TO PURCHASER: Enter your shipping address below and Richards Bespoke will mail you a physical gift card to give to the recipient when you choose.
  • 4. SCHEDULE A TIME TO PICK UP PHYSICAL GIFT CARD: After you purchase the gift card, you will receive a confirmation email to schedule a time to come pick up the physical gift card at our Andre' Julius Showroom (Williamsburg, VA).

Gift Card

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