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How It Works

The Experience. Buying a suit can be difficult and you may not like the suit buying process, but we are here to help you every step of the way.

Step I.

Your Andre' Julius Clothier meets with you, at the luxury of your own schedule, in your home or at your office. It all begins with you, booking the appointment. You may have a special event coming up or need to refresh your wardrobe, the first step towards the best custom garments is booking an fitting. Your time and convenience are our highest priorities. During this time, we will discuss your current wardrobe, style, and lifestyle.

Whether it’s your first custom suit or your tenth, Andre Julius will come to you!

Step II.

You and your Andre' Julius Clothier will help you customize every detail of your ensemble from head-to-toe; lapel, interior lining, buttons, and more. Whether your garments are for business, casual, social, and/or formal. An Andre' Julius Clothier will bring with them over 1,000 fabrics to create your next suit, sport coat, trousers, shirts, or other garments. We will help you choose custom options to help you create the best garments.


Our fitting process is very detailed. We conduct over 30 body measurements to ensure your garment will fit perfectly.

Step III.

All of your garments are handcrafted just for you. We us a pattern that is solely and exclusively yours. During this step, we will get to work, tailoring your garment(s) with the finest craftsmanship that will last for a lifetime.

Step IIII.

The creation of your garment(s) generally takes 3-4 week and will be hand-delivered to you.  For your first order, we will conduct a final fitting, determine if any adjustment are needed, and to answer any additional questions.  We offer a complimentary photoshoot in your new garments.

Once you are 100% satisfied with your first order, we ensure your measurements are filed. If you want another garment, simply inform us, and we will design more garments together in person or virtually.


We offer over 5,000 fabrics from our Andre' Julius exclusive mills. We have the highest quality imported wools, linens, cashmere and Egyptian and Pima cottons. Our Mills are located throughout the world from Italy, Australia, New Zealand, England, and Asia. In addition to fine cotton, we offer Bamboo from Rayon fabric for shirts.  As you may know, Technology in textiles has advanced over the years. Natural stretch and water/stain/wrinkle-resistance are by far my favorite qualities when picking out fabrics to work. At Andre' Julius we carry those fabrics. 


Current Offerings:

  • Super 150's Cashmere Wool Blend

  • 100 % Super 150's Wool

  • Super 150's Cashmere Wool

  • Super 180's Italian Wool

 You will work with your Clothier to determine which fabric is best for you. Our fabrics can be tailored into the finest and most elegant suits, tuxedos, jackets, shirts and overcoats. We have fabrics for every occasion and season ranging from silk and linen to wool and velvet.

Image by Yasamine June
Image by Yasamine June


Design your next custom-fit suit, tuxedo, shirt, trousers, overcoat and trench coat. Choose from a wide selection of fabrics and customizations. Andre' Julius is a bespoke experience like none other. No matter whether occasion is casual, business professional, or formal, Andre' Julius got you covered.

Our Andre' Julius Clothiers will help you to customize every detail of your ensemble from head-to-toe; lapel, interior lining, button and more. All garments are custom-made exclusively for you.

Fitting & Garment Creation

Here at Andre' Julius fit matters! During your private showroom appointment, an Andre' Julius Clothier will take over 30 measurements. We will then, craft a custom made garment that perfectly fits your body size and shape. Each of our garments are made to your exact measurements.

All of your garments are handcrafted just for you. During this step, We will get to work tailoring your garment(s) with the finest craftsmanship that will last for a lifetime. The creation of your garment(s) usually takes 4-6 weeks.

Image by christian erra
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