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Privacy Policy & Terms of Conditions

Accepted Payment Methods:

  • Andre' Julius accepts all major credit cards generally accepted in the US (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover). The customer is responsible for transaction fees charged by the Credit Card Processor.

  • Cash, Cash App and other electronic payments common in the US are accepted. Please contact Andre' Julius if you have questions about your payment method.

Use of Customer Imagery for Marketing Purposes:

  • Andre' Julius reserves the right to use images of customers in marketing and promotional materials.

  • Andre' Julius is respectful of customers’ privacy. Customers can inquire as to how their images will be used or decline to be featured in marketing materials by submitting a request in writing to These requests should be submitted as quickly as possible to avoid unwanted use of customer photos.

Privacy Policy:

We only store the information you choose to provide us, as well as the minimum amount of information about your visit stored in essential cookies, which we need for the basic functionality of the website.

We need your name and address to make deliveries and you may also opt to provide us with additional personal details. This allows us to service you better and provide you with relevant information. You can opt to receive our newsletter, and you are able to opt out at any time.


The forms on the website are designed to collect only the minimum amount of information necessary:
– Delivery address & phone number for international shipping purposes.
– For custom tailored garments we collect measurements & fit information necessary to create your individual pattern.
– We do not store payment details in our system – this information is stored by our payment processor.
– Any emails you may send are secured.

Storing of information

We use up-to-date security solutions to protect your information. We use strong encryption to protect your data.

Credit/Debit card information

We never store your credit / debit card information in our systems. All payments are processed entirely by our payment processor. Access to these systems from our team is very limited – we never have any access to the full payments details for your credit / debit cards.


Sharing of information to third parties

We will not share any information that you give us with any third party.

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